Lots of DJ's will tell you they are the number one dj in town, or voted as a favorite by some mythical rating system. I will not give you any of that jazz. but what I will tell you is that I have been a DJ for the last 22 years and have had the opportunity to work in Night clubs, Weddings, Coorporate Events, Special Events, and even private house parties. So can I give you some referrals from people that can tell you that I made their event great? Absolutley! Most importantly though  I can throw one heck of a party, and in the end isn't that what matters the most?
I play a wide variety of music, from disco and funk, to rock & roll and country, to hip-hop and r&b, todays top 40 hits and of course all your party favorites from days gone by. If you want a party with lots of crowd involvement, lots of dancing, and of course lots of fun, then I am your DJ.

So, welcome to the site, check my rates and availabilty, and contact me to set up a meeting to see if I am the dj for your next club night or special event. Let me help you make your event one to remember.

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Dj Slim Jim

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